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Four Reasons Your Garden Needs More Space for Trees
May 12, 2015
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Plan A Glorious Summer Garden
May 16, 2015
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5 Steps For Making Better Garden Soil

5 Steps For Making Better Garden Soil - Stamfordgardeningcompany Blog

Are you looking for something that makes your garden soil better? Well, you have reached the right place. There are some kinds of soils like sandy soils, loamy soils, black earth, brown soils and peat bogs. Each kind of these soils has its own qualities like organic substances levels, acidity levels, alkalinity level and mineral elements. In case you have clear understanding on the kind of your garden soil, you may make a plan of enhancing its quality or you may choose the kinds of the plants, which will be appropriate for this certain kind of the soil.

Here are five important steps to prepare soil in your garden. You have to pay concentration to them.

  • When you make your garden, you should choose flowers based on the kind of the soil in the garden. In case your garden has sandy soil or heavy clay, you have to make some corrections in order to enhance its quality. For instance, you may append crushed stone, bark or coarse sand to your heavy clay soil. This method will make effortless water contact to the plants in the garden. It also decreases the probability of muddying of the top soil after heavy raining. You may insert mulch or compost for sandy kinds of the soil.
  • Different kinds of plants require different kind of the soil. For instance, annual flowers need friable and thoroughly distended soil. Gardening experts advised to add gradually acting fertilizers to make this kind of soil appropriate for growing flowers and plants.
  • When it comes to garden soil preparation, one of the important steps is the elimination of all weeds. It is vital to eliminate weeds before they will become stronger. This is because, in case weeds flourish, their seeds will dig up to the ground and you will have your garden full of unwanted weeds. For proper removal of weeds, most homeowners in Stamford make the soil in their garden light and remove all the consolidated mud and big stones. After this, they will remove weeds’ roots by using bare hands and pitchfork.

Better airing as well as soil loosening need double digging. This method will support for the gardening bulbs growth.
Mulching is another important action when it comes to save the moisture of your garden soil. It also reduces the growth of weeds.

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