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April 29, 2015
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May 2, 2015
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How To Maintain Your Garden This Summer?

How To Maintain Your Garden This Summer

These summer season can be massive stressors on your garden and lawn. Most people find it tricky to maintain their garden during summer season since it is too hot. Lawn and garden care during the burning summer is not very difficult to perform if you know some seasonal gardening basics. If you are looking for something related to how to maintain your garden this summer, then you are in the right place. The followings are some of the tips to maintain your garden watered, healthy and alive during summer.

Tips To Maintain Summer Garden

Proper Water Routine

People consider summer requires intensive water routine. However, this is not the real fact. It is advised to don’t overwater. Avoid supply water to the plants on a regular basis. You should add water based on the plant requirement. Keep in mind that you should water the garden deeply and ensure you to keep the watering routine habitually hence the plants can remain moist. It also prevents the water from harsh and dry. Overwatering the garden can builds up a solid layer of twisted roots and preventing water to penetrate deep into the garden. When compared to under watering, over watering can rapidly kill your plants.

Increase Shade

Take proper actions to increase shade. You can increase shade by using tree cover, shade sails and fitting dust cloth or old sheet during extreme weather. Proper shading will help to make your garden less sun hardened.

Plant More Trees

Trees can offer astonishing water savings to the garden. Urban surroundings are hotter due to the large amount of roofed and paved areas. If you really want to cool your environment, plant more trees. Once established, trees mayn’t necessitate additional watering. Choose native trees and trees necessitate low quantity of water for your garden. Trees will assists other plants remain cool and need less water.

Using Harsh Pesticides

Avoid excessive pesticides, because they can burn away the plants rather than removing pests effectively. You should consult an expert before using pesticides. Don’t use pesticides without any prior research. This is because different kinds of plants require different types of pesticides. It is advised to acquire professional support and recruit an expert for this job.

Get Professional Help

When you’ve no idea about how to maintain your garden during hot weather, it is best to get a help from the professionals. Stamford is the reputed gardening company that offers professional as well as fully assured garden service. If your garden is 20 miles near Stamford, then just click the site,  to receive a valuable service from the Stamford gardening company.

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