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Blossom Your Garden With Rainy Season Flowers
May 20, 2015
Make Your Grass Ready For The Coming Rains
Make Your Grass Ready For The Coming Rains
May 26, 2015
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Rains Always Come With A Lot Of Garden Maintenance

. Rains Always Come With A Lot Of Garden Maintenance.

Rainy season offers great atmosphere for bringing growth in plants. This is because the humid and low temperature of monsoon supports roots roll into action. Rainy season is an outstanding period for planting new plants into your garden, forecasting a terrace garden, beginning a new garden and caring the existing home garden.

Moreover, rainy season always requires more garden maintenance. They need some summer irrigation, weeding, basic pruning and some nuanced care. If you are looking for healthy rain garden in Ryhall, consider the following maintenance tips:

When it comes on rain garden maintenance, you have to set the garden awning in place. Garden grills and fence need to be painted in order to prevent it from rusting.

Everyone likes to enjoy the attraction of flowering plants in the garden. In order to have comfortable place for sitting, you should pay more attraction on garden furniture. It is best to choose the elements that can withstand against the water and sun exposure. It is suggested to have the plastic or metal garden furniture. Using painted colourful seats or stone seats as garden furniture can be a wise idea since they can be suitable for all seasonal use.


You can also consider using natural rocks, finely finished from edges in the garden, since they can offer great look.

  • You should remove the small plant containers to shaded areas to avoid unexpected new plants, over watering and appearance of new sprouts.
  • Avoid water stagnation since it can rot the plant roots and encourages the mosquitoes breeding. In order to have fresh look and feel in your garden, make sure that the rainwater is drained out completely.
  • Before planting a new plant, make sure that the plant is suitable for the monsoon season.
  • During rainy season, you might be annoyed with the presence of insects in your garden. If you want your garden to be free from insects, allow the insect eaters into your garden. Toads and frogs are best insect eaters.
  • During rainy season, some gardeners find that the leaves in their garden start to turn yellowish. A better remedy to avoid this situation is mixing cottonseed meal or manure on the top layer of the soil.
  • If you really care on maintenance of rain gardens, then start to use natural fertilizers instead of chemicals for plants.

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