Go Green For Your Garden
Go Green For Your Garden
April 17, 2015
Top 5 Landscaping Tips by Stamfordgardeningcompany
Top 5 Landscaping Tips
April 29, 2015
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Why Turfing by Stamfordgardeningcompany

Turfing is a quick and excellent way to convert your messy damaged lawn to an attractive landscape. When it comes on garden maintenance, turfing plays a major role and it requires only a few utensils. Turf is a sheet of the mud that has thick grass growth as well as matted roots. It is a surface layer; it is not possible to find turf in sections. Good soil preparation and excellent quality healthy turf are the two major factors to attain an abundant healthy green lawn.

A healthy green lawn is something that can adjoin attraction to the landscape of public places, commercial locations or residences. Different kinds of grasses are employed to supply turf. No two individuals have same landscaping needs; hence, it is recommended to consider the turf type before purchasing. You should know the basic details about your garden and investigate the quality of turf before spending cash on its purchase. Turf is generally placed to repair the damaged landscape’s patches. At present, several gardening companies are involved in supplying turf; hence, it is easy to purchase turf for your lawn. There is no need to put more effort in getting good quality turf, since its vast availability increases the competition among the turf supplying companies. Hence, you can enjoy price saving benefits in addition to acquiring quality turf.

Most people prefer seeding when it comes on adding new landscape since it is less expensive. However, it would be a better decision to choose turfing since seeds takes more time to nurture and its requires you to spend more in maintenance. Here are some of the benefits of turfing:

Advantages Of Turfing

  • Visually turf is an instant lawn. It can support to achieve new landscape as soon as possible

  • For small repairs and areas where money is not so crucial it is the best option

  • Unlike grass seed, there is no need to wash off slopes at the time of heavy rain

  • When compared to seed, turf requires less water

  • Turf preparation is similar to the seed preparation

  • You can involve in turf setting throughout the year

If you planned to make a new landscape with turf, the followings are some of the guidelines to support you:

  • It is advised to place turf during moderate temperature. Autumn or spring can be a good time of turf placing

  • You should prepare the soil before ordering turf

  • Outline the area where you’re planning to lay the turf

  • You can overlap the turf

  • It is recommended to avoid walking on the landscape where you’ve newly added turf

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